Kilim : The Complete Guide par Alastair Hull

Kilim : The Complete Guide

Titre de livre: Kilim : The Complete Guide

Éditeur: Thames & Hudson Ltd

ISBN: 0500282218

Auteur: Alastair Hull

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Alastair Hull avec Kilim : The Complete Guide

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In recent years, demand for kilims (flatwoven textiles) in the West has reached unprecedented levels. Kilim: The Complete Guide unravels the complex questions surrounding the origins and history of these unique flatweaves and of the peoples who make them. Hundreds of illustrations, many in colour and many specially taken, show them in all their glory. A detailed account of techniques - materials, dyes and dyeing, tools, kilim structures and weaving - is followed by a systematic analysis of motifs and symbolism. Here, the complex relationship between Islam and the animistic or shamanistic traditions that preceded it is explored. The core of the book is devoted to the specific characteristics of region, tribe and kilim type. Four major sections present much original research, fully informing the reader about kilims from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia; Anatolia; Persia and the Caucasus; and Afghanistan and Central Asia. Chapters on new kilims and the use of kilims as bags or trappings as well as rugs - together with a reference guide to collecting, care and further study, conclude what has become the standard work on this widely appealing subject.